Professional Website Videos

Mission: Producing a professional video for your website — tailored to showcase your strengths, experience and specialty as an attorney.

A website video is: compelling, concise, informative, and personal; a video on your website allows your clients to get a feel for who you are, and what makes you stand out from hundreds of other attorneys.

Clients looking to hire an attorney do online research of the attorneys they are considering.

A professional website video gives your potential clients the opportunity to get to know you before they walk in the door.

A website video/webeo saves valuable time; by watching your website video, potential clients already know the basics of your experience, your work ethic, your areas of expertise.

Other law firms, seeking to refer cases out of their local areas, also do their research online before they stake their reputations recommending an attorney they do not know. A website video/webeo allows other law firms to learn about you and what your practice has to offer.

A website video allows potential clients to see you at your best, highlighting your knowledge, your dedication to your profession and your interest in your clients and finding solutions to their legal problems.

FAQ’s about Website Videos/Webeos

1. What format do you use?
A. We like to use an interview format, because the webeo then does not appear to be an ad, and is more credible than a blatant ad on TV or a large billboard.
B. In an interview format, questions posed are those that potential clients would ask. Questions including the lawyer’s availability, expertise in certain areas of law and education relevant to clients’ legal issues.

2.How do you decide what questions to ask, which areas to cover?
A. The attorney and producer decide what areas the attorney would like to focus on, which subjects to emphasize and what successes he/she has had and what information the attorney especially wants to get out.

3. What backgrounds do you use?
A. That depends upon the attorney. Most opt for their offices, some opt for a courtroom, others like a more casual, outdoor approach, still others opt for a venue in their specific area of practice. An example of that; an attorney who specializes in DUI defense might choose to use automobile impound lot as his background.


Bottom Line: Whatever location is likely to present the most professional, credible and appealing image of the attorney is the one that will be used.