1. How long are the videos?
A. Videos vary in length depending on several factors; the number of people interviewed, number of locations traveled, the extent and the length of  time needed to obtain the most compelling video interviews.

You can have a 5-minute DVD interviewing only the defendant, or you can create an hour- long documentary including interviews with the defendant, his minister, fourth grade teacher, children, any community charity organizations he worked with or contributed to.

Ultimately it is the defense attorney’s call as to length and detail of the Sentencing Video.

2. Where does the shoot take place?
A. In any number and variety of locations, including : the defense attorney’s office,  prison or jail if the client is already  incarcerated, homes of family members, a church if a minister is involved, wherever is most likely to elicit honest, appealing, empathetic responses from the client and his character witnesses.

3. What are the Costs?
A. Costs vary depending upon number of locations, number of interviewees, travel time, editing time required and the desired  length of the video.

4. How are the questions to the client determined?
A. The questions are carefully predetermined with the input of the defense attorney, any treating medical professionals, and the interviewer/producer.
B. The goals for the interview are determined in advance and the questions are reviewed and approved by defense counsel.

5.  What’s the procedure?
A. The defense attorney with a client who has either been convicted or pled guilty contacts us.  We meet to determine goals, and craft the desired Sentencing Video presentation.

We meet with the client to introduce ourselves, so that he or she feels comfortable with us to speak freely, we talk to them about the questions, discover what they want to emphasize and tell the judge.

We shoot the interview(s) on location, the defense attorney may choose to be present.

KatWalk productions edits the interviews, with input/requirements from the defense lawyer, to produce the strongest presentation for the client.

We edit the interviews to produce a clear, concise, and compelling  news magazine-style interview that will make sense and appeal to the sentencing judge.

The  defense attorney, producer and client, if desired, review the DVD, make suggested changes and then submit to the Court.

6. What is the editing procedure?
A. The entire raw video of the interviews is maintained and is available should it be requested.  The strongest, most persuasive parts of each interview are included in the final cut.  Different formats are possible; each individual character witness speaking to the Judge; a news format, cutting back and forth between witnesses, and a documentary style package.

7. Who is on the team?
A. The Producer/Interviewer and a Videographer/Editor.  The producer travels to all the locations, the videographers vary depending on location of clients.